Warrior – Natural Perfume For Men


Powerful. Grounded. Confident.

Warrior by Asana is a natural perfume for men and is the scent of stamina and power.

Asana natural perfumes are aroma therapeutic and yoga inspired, handmade with pure essential oils.

10 ml glass roll on perfume oil with 100% pure essential oils, made by an artisan perfumer in Canada.


Rich, Dry, Woody, Balsamic, Green, Sweet, Slightly Spicy.

Think of dry, woody, spicy-resinous cedar scent with hints of cloves in a warm sweet amber base.

  • Top note of Bergamot
  • Middle note of Allspice
  • Base notes of Cedar Wood Atlas and Frankincense


  • Cedarwood essential oil is said to be an aphrodisiac. It is calming and grounding and has a distinct masculine scent.
  • Bergamot essential oil brings confidence and relaxation.
  • Frankincense helps feeling in control and in charge of your life.
  • All spice essential oil is stimulant and tonic.




Warrior – Natural Perfume For Men

Mood Benefits

Warrior by Asana, a natural perfume for men includes essential oils that will increase your confidence, makes you feel in control of your life and grounded.

Warrior Yoga Pose

The Warrior II is a standing yoga pose that is strengthening and targets the calves.

It is named for a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Shiva, this version of Warrior Pose increases stamina.

How To Use This Natural Perfume For Men

  • Roll on your pulse points, back of the neck.

About Asana Natural Perfumes

  • All natural perfume
  • 100% pure essential oils blend
  • Mood uplifting benefits
  • Zero synthetic chemicals
  • Preservative and colorant free
  • Convenient and easy-to-use roll on perfume oil
  • Vegan & not tested on animals
  • Naturally long lasting

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm


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