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We get it! You want to smell the goodness before getting into a love affair with Asana natural perfumes.

Order a sample kit and discover which natural perfumes works best for you.

What you get:

5 samples: 0.3 ml glass vial sample of each Asana natural perfumes collection¬†–¬†Halfmoon, Lotus, Wild Thing, Firefly and Warrior.

Shipping to north america is included.

Asana natural perfumes are aroma therapeutic and yoga inspired, handmade with pure essential oils.



About Asana Natural Perfumes

  • All natural perfume
  • 100% pure essential oils blend
  • Mood uplifting benefits
  • Zero synthetic chemicals
  • Preservative and colorant free
  • Convenient and easy-to-use roll on perfume oil
  • Vegan perfume & not tested on animals
  • Naturally long lasting
  • Not greasy, absorbs fast

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