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  • custom scent

    Custom Scent

  • firefly natural perfume

    Firefly – Roll On Perfume Oil

  • halfmoon asana natural perfumes

    Halfmoon – All Natural Perfume

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • lotus vegan perfume

    Lotus – Vegan Perfume

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    Natural Perfume Samples

  • Warrior - Natural Perfume For Men

    Warrior – Natural Perfume For Men

  • Wild Thing Natural Perfume

    Wild Thing – Natural Perfume


Our Mission

Our mission is to create and offer affordable, vegan, yoga inspired and unique all natural perfumes as a healthier alternative to mass produced, chemical filled commercial perfumes.

Striving to offer the best natural perfumes

Asana natural strives to offer the best natural perfumes at affordable costs. Asana natural perfumes promises to use only 100% pure essential oils and uses organic essential oils whenever possible. Sourcing essential oils from reputable companies is key to offer a high quality natural and organic perfume. All natural perfume created by Asana natural perfumes are hand blended and made in small quantities. The essential oil blend is diluted with organic safflower oil for safe application to your skin as most essential oils are too strong to be used undiluted on the skin. Finding the best natural perfumes can be challenging as natural and organic perfumes will smell differently based on your body chemistry. Each natural perfumes becomes unique to you! Asana natural perfumes uses 10 ml glass roll and simple packaging on that can be recyclable. There are no useless packaging as the perfumes are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes that fits the natural perfume roll on perfectly. We are offering vegan perfumes and would never be part of any animal testing, nor use any ingredients that have been part of animal testing. Namaste!  

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