essential oil perfume blends

About Eve & How She Creates Essential Oil Perfume Blends

Eve is a certified aromatherapist and French self-taught artisan perfumer with an insatiable nose and flair for beautifully blended natural perfume oils. She is the author of a popular blog and launched her own natural perfume brand in Montreal.
Asana Natural Perfumes are vegan, yoga inspired, 100% natural and handmade with essential oils.

“I am so excited to share my passion of delightful scents with you, in the hope that they will make you as happy as they do to me. I  believe natural essential oil perfume blends are nature’s pick me up, mood elevators and a remedy for the soul.”

Interview with a perfume blender

Why did you decide to create natural perfumes?

I was always convinced that nature must have a way of make us feel good and smell fantastic at the same time!

So I started experimenting with essentials oils years ago and also created a blog in 2008 that shares creams, body butters and lip balms recipes you can do right in your kitchen.

I felt the need to create and share an actual hand-crafted product, something I could touch, smell and share with the world.

What inspires you?

My travels. Every travels bring its share of smells and relate to a memory of that special moment. The beach path filled with Ylang Ylang in St Lucia, the lemon scented gardens in Ravello, Italy. The Jasmine sambac warm nights in the Philippines, The intoxicating Rose flowers in morocco and the Lavender in Provence… I guess I am addicted to sensory experiences!

My mood. I crave happiness, balance, and self-control, and creating essential oil perfume blends allow me to create a scent that sets my mood on the right path. Those little roll-on bottles are like my mood’s best friend! A little bit of stress or anxiety, I grab Halfmoon.  Feeling a little daring and want to impress, Firefly here I come. Mood fixer-uppers straight from nature!

Yoga. The practice of yoga saved me from having daily back and neck pains. What a blessing that yoga is part of my life! Yoga is what keeps my body and  soul balanced. To me, this is a way of life and an incredible ancient knowledge that should be taught in childhood classrooms.

What is the secret of blending perfume?

I say the secret of blending perfume is like composing music, you have to choose the right notes so everything smells in harmony…

Creating essential oil perfume blends with 100% pure essential oils is an ancient art that got lost with the commercialization of perfume and greedy commercialization of big perfume brands that just wanted to make more money using cheap imitation with synthetic scents. Essential oils were just too expensive!

Essential oil fills my life with desire, strength, and balance. It’s pure nature’s goodness. It’s part of my happiness.

What is the difference between natural perfumes oils using essential oils and commercial perfumes?

A commercial fancy brand perfume may cost $100, but did you know that the actual cost of the perfume liquid is about $2? The rest of the cost is the bottle, packaging, marketing, operating cost, commission sale and of course profit. This is a dirty secret from the big perfume industry they probably don’t want you to know…

Most of the big commercial perfume brand use synthetic oils, produced in laboratories and they of course do not have the same qualities and properties of the real essential oils distilled from plants. Those synthetic oils, also called “fragrances” are linked to cancer, hormones and endocrine disruption, allergies or asthma…